Thursday, January 9, 2014


Ok so New Year, new life yeah? Well I should hope so. I'm getting tired of all my shit. People around me are getting tired of my shit. They have given up on me as much as I've given up on myself. 

Hold on, I need to keep the positivity up, this line of negativity isn't doing me any good. Yeah, this constant struggle of trying to perk myself up and succumbing to the easier sense of depression has been continously hounding me for like forever.

Hmm... I need a deus ex machina.

So what are my goals this year? I read somewhere that happiness really consists of three things; something to do, someone to love, and something to hope for. So here are the things that I hope to achieve this year.
1. Get a job that I'll love and that would earn me good bucks.
2. Find someone special.
3. Regain my belief in magic, yeah there's magic in this world.

Yeah, good year. :) 

Oh yeah a few more things, lose 10 kg, start joining runs again, meet new positive happy friends, and be back to my old self!

Love love love!!! :)

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